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F.A.U.N.A. is a group of dedicated volunteer wildlife carers. We rescue and care for sick, injured or orphaned wildlife.

We are on call twenty four hours a day, receiving calls from members of the general public, police, councils and rural fire brigades.

We assess the animal's condition, treat and care for it. This can be for either a few days or up to eighteen months. After caring for or rearing the animals, we prepare them for release back into the wild.

Wildlife caring requires time, money and resources and we arrange our lifestyles to accommodate the animals in our care. We receive an enormous amount of satisfaction from successfully rearing and releasing animals back into the wild.

We keep detailed records of all the animals in our care which are then made available to all carer groups, DEHP and scientists to assist with fauna research.

We work in close contact with veterinarians, the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and other wildlife groups.

We organise educational seminars, give talks to local groups and provide training sessions to volunteers who would like to become wildlife carers. To enable us to provide care for our native wildlife, we regularly attend festivals and shows and set up stalls to help us raise funds.

As our work is voluntary, we do not receive government funding.